About Enerzy Exchange Yoga - Boca Raton

What is Enerzy Exchange Yoga™ about…


Enerzy Exchange Yoga combines Yoga and Fitness modalities with guidance to assist each practitioner to pursue their goal of self-transformation.  We offer an environment that is the perfect blend of yoga, fitness and luxury for a complete experience.


  1. Offer a wide variety of yoga and fitness classes and personalized training to meet the needs of our premier clientele
  2. Offer an exceptional five star studio and customer service experience
  3. Provide a safe and inspiring environment
  4. Work with elite, highly-credentialed, experienced yoga and fitness professionals
  5. Awaken, Motivate & Ignite our clients

Enerzy Exchange Yoga wants to change the way people think about and experience yoga and fitness. Our focus is on the mental and physical aspects, with experienced instructors, to challenge clientele to push past perceived difficulties with support and encouragement.

Enerzy Exchange Yoga, Boca Raton

At Enerzy Exchange Yoga, we feature a state-of-the-art infrared studio for hot yoga classes and a second room temperature /cool studio. All studios are equipped with green cork flooring with an green vinyl top for cushioning, built with comfort in mind.

We envision a world where each practitioner is able to bridge the gap between health and happiness. That all or our clients feel welcome, understood and able to create a powerful wellness practice, no matter what stage they are in their life.

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